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08 February 2009

Are We Streaking?

Well, it is two games in a row now and four periods and an overtime of convincing hockey. This last game didn't even require Evgeni Malking to go nuts and score a bunch. Heck, Sidney Crosby only had to score an empty netter with the game in hand. I liked what we looked like as a team and as individuals. We have a chance to be once again great.

It is good to get this thing started in the right way. This is occurring right before the trade deadline and also right before Sergei Gonchar is due to be back. That will give us a giant boost one we get Gonch back and we are winning. I would also like to see Ruslan Fedotenko come back soon, he was playing some good hockey finally when he broke his hand punching out Colby Armstrong. They recently sent Alex Goligoski back down to the minors. I think this is a good thing because he needs game playing time. He isn't getting it on the big club and with Gonch close to coming back, it was inevitable. It is also very encouraging to see Bill Thomas and Luca Caputi excelling on the big club. If Thomas keeps winning faceoffs at the rate that he is, he will be up for a long time. In Caputi's case, I think he can only get better by playing with better teammates. I can see a tremendous upside to him. He is, for now, a perfect addition to the team.

Now, it is looking bright for a good run here. I will say this though, we have Detroit and San Jose staring us in the face, both at home. They are two of the top teams in the Western Conference. If we can beat these two teams, or at least take away three out of the possible four over those two games, it will be gigantic. I can see us being lights out the rest of the season if that happens.
We need to go 22-4-3 to match the 105 point season of two years ago. This put us near the top of the Eastern Conference. I don't think we need to do this to get into the playoffs, but it would be nice. I figure we can get away with going 15-9-5 the rest of the season to make the playoffs. That will give us 92 points. I would love to see more, but it is going to be tough.
I like our chances though.


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