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04 February 2009

Band of the Week!...Volume 11! -The Spill Canvas

So, here is my newest installation all about what I will call my favorite band of the week. This weeks band is called The Spill Canvas. You can click on the band name for a full bio, but as for this blog, I will give you the quick down and dirty. Although this group has been around for a few years now, I thought that covering them would show you they are still one of the newer groups on my playlist. It started a solo act with 19 year old Nick Thomas, a native of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. His songs stem from emotion and transform late youth angst into brutally honest anthems...with acoustic guitar in hand, he is speaking for a new generation through his art. He added the rest of the band in 2004 to include Joe Beck, Scott McGuire, and Dan Ludeman. I learned all this from their fan site. My opinion, if you really want it...I like the fact that they can play harder if they want to, depending on the emotion and the mood, but also can play soft and relaxing. They have great skill, perfect for any playlist. Check them out!
There is a player on the bottom here with a couple songs from the band so you can have a hearsee. Also, here is a link to some lyrics, so you can see if you like their message as well.

Basically, I am telling all of you to check out this band and let me know what you think!



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