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01 January 2009

Steelers Bye Week Logic

Well, we are working through the bye week. It looks as though Mike Tomlin is making some good moves and practicing the little things to keep the team sharp. Tomlin plans to give the team the weekend off. It is a much deserved break from the grueling season. The Steelers will also get the chance to see how their potential opponents play. I like the article in the Trib that talks to Bruce Arians about our run game. I love how he threw out the stats from the 2005 Championship run to prove we are alright.
If you look at these, then Arians is sorta right. I see his point, but we not having been running like we were during that run. Now, we ran good and it looks like Willie Parker is back as of the final game of the season, however, we were playing the Browns. I don't think I need to say anything else. If the line can protect Ben a little better as well as Ben make his decision to throw a little sooner, I think the numbers would be completely different. If this season at all mirrors that Super Bowl season, we should be playing offense to its potential. I see us having the ability to play at a whole other level on offense. I think it just comes to will just like the defense. If you watch the way we play defense, we are a bit passive until we have to get the stop. Then we close them down. I think our offense can do the same thing. We play passive until we have to score, then we capitalize.
Tomlin think the playoffs will benefit us in the sense that we have played all these teams either this season or the end of last season. I know we played Miami at the end of last season, but they are a different team now then they were. They play a different way and they execute better. We have played San Diego (11-10 Win), Indianapolis (24-20 Loss), and obviously Baltimore (2 Wins) this season. I like our odds with anyone we face. I like the fact that we are playing at a high level and most of our team has alot of playoff experience and love to step it up for the playoffs. I can't wait to see what we are capable of.


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