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13 February 2009

Trade Winds

So, I woke up way too early this morning. My wife had her crazy alarm set for 7:30 when we went to bed around 2:30. We were watching Iron Man on Blu-Ray, which was incredible. So I am up and finally decided to try and capture this trade and put it into words.
Well, everyone and their brother is on this potential trade. I will give you my opinion as well as some statistics and monetary thoughts about it. It is the big trade between the Penguins and the Lightning. Tampa Bay's 33 year old Martin St. Louis for our 25 year old Ryan Whitney. Everyone is quoting The Fourth Period.com for their article. I see that as the only credible source so far. I think we all know that the Pens are looking for a top winger for Crosby. That much is not a secret. There is alot of excitement amongst fans because Whitney is having sorta a down year right now and Sid needs help. Some of the sites are: The Steel City Sports Fan, The Pensblog, and Pens Nation.com. Here is a statistical and monetary chart for your enjoyment:
Click it to blow it up.
Ok, let's put this into perspective.
My first thought: is it prudent to get rid of a top defenseman like Ryan Whitney when he is really so young? I think the only reason it is a good idea to trade him in general is because we have Sergei Gonchar for at least another year, Kris Letang, another offensive defenseman that is definitely coming into his own and will eventually be better than Whitney, and finally Alex Goligosky, who is currently serving some time in the minors only because we could. Goligosky is a top club offensive defenseman and doesn't deserve to be in the minors, but he was the only one we could chance sending down without losing him on waivers. Whitney's contract also dictates a bit of money coming up in the next few years. We can afford him, but it would make sense to move him now while the getting is good and teams are willing to trade their top players.
Second thing on my mind: is Martin St. Louis too old for our team and for the money? I say no, simply because he does have quite a few years left in the tank first of all. He is 33. He isn't 37 or 38. We do need the veteran leadership. He has won a cup in his time. I have also heard alot of speculation that he is more the reason Vincent Lecavalier is as successful as he is. St. Louis is fast and can make room for himself, just what Sid needs. I think he has a great touch as well. I believe we have the players to give him the room Crosby and St. Louis, if they were on the same line, they could be very dangerous. This move would also give them some of what they need as far as leadership goes.
Lastly: what is the difference in cost? I look at the numbers and I see a significant difference. Maybe not this year or the next, but after that. St.Louis makes $5 million this year and Whitney is making $3 million. The good thing about the two contract is that they go in opposite directions. St. Louis' contract was designed top heavy meaning he was paid more at the beginning than at the end. Whitney's was quite the opposite. His pay gets higher as time goes on. Whitney is signed on for one more year than St. Louis right now also. We would save about $5 million in salary over the course of their contracts.
This would put the lines like this:
Odd Men Out
Satan/Godard, Caputi, Minard, Eaton
*these players can be rotated in based on injury and performance
St. Louis also has a no trade clause, meaning he has to approve the trade. I can see him easily doing this. One thing I do worry about is what kind of package deal this might be. Would this be a straight up St. Louis for Whitney or will they throw in a couple other names? I have no idea.
I have heard that the Pens are also looking in other places for a winger, but for right now, I think this would be the best fit. This would definitely make Sid happy and would separate Sid and Geno's lines. We get Gonch back tomorrow and possibly Fedotenko, which would be a boost. Getting Gonch back is everything like they said, a Norris-caliber defenseman at the trade deadline for absolutely nothing. I honestly think that if we make this trade alone, we will be very threatening come playoff time. Tell Shero to pull the trigger on this one. We just have to get there.


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