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10 February 2009

Sixburgh Steelers

Ok, I know I already talked about the Superbowl and all that, but a couple things are irking me so bad that I have to write about them.
First of all, let's talk about people calling Ben Roethlisberger a drama queen. The whole situation started when Ben released information to SI about broken ribs during the Superbowl. They asked the team and they supposedly had no idea. It seems most reporters didn't read the whole article that was written. Ben said he knew they hurt, but didn't know they were broken until after the Superbowl, once he got back to Pittsburgh. He didn't say he knew ahead of time or anything like that. He also said his preliminary tests showed nothing before the Superbowl. Even if they were that hurt, you think he is going to sit out the biggest game of his career? I don't think so. He isn't going to let on to anyone that it hurts because they might possibly sit him or the other team could find out and hit him harder. I think that is common sense. Another point that was made was that Ben says he is injured alot when he really isn't. I don't think that is the case. I think it is sorta like a Belichek thing for the Steelers. You don't want everyone to know someone is or was injured because you don't want that reputation that Belichek has as a deceiver when it comes to injuries. So, when Ben says he had an injury, it isn't because he is a drama queen, it is because he is or was. The team knows it makes them look bad when he comes out and says these things and they don't report them. All in all, I just think if Ben would know to keep these injuries to himself alot of this heat would be gone.
Second, all about the fans saying we are getting handed Superbowls that we didn't deserve. I am going to sit here and tell you that we deserved everything we got. Team that continually win will always be hated by all the other teams just because they are not winning and we are. That is the bottom line. The other teams fans will continue to argue until next year when a new team wins or we win again. At that point, there will be a whole other game to whine about.
Last, but not least, this is not a complaint, but more of an honor for the Steelers. Alot of teams that are currently transitioning to some degree are looking at the Steelers and how they are run, from top to bottom, and they are trying to mimic us. I think this is the greatest compliment to our organization. I started noticing it with the Cowboys thinking of their locker room chemistry instead of the pure talent they have been getting by with. Then you hear for teams that are looking for the next Tomlin for their team. I love this.
Let me know if you agree or disagree and why.


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