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13 January 2009

Steelers...The Team To Beat!

Is this our year?
Dominating Defense.
Steady Offense.
Great Special Teams.
We are healthy and confident. We have the will and the experience. We have the fans.
I believe we have the components.
This is another exciting year for the Steelers and their fans, another chance to claim that top spot among all the NFL franchises with a unprecedented sixth Superbowl ring. Now, I know we still have two more games to go, but seeing the way the Steelers are playing right now, I don't see another team beating them. I know Baltimore will be a task in itself, but I do believe that Pittsburgh and Baltimore are the best two teams left in the playoffs right now. I like Pittsburgh's odds at winning a third against them this season. I believe the Steelers are playing at a higher level than they have all season. They are ready for this step and to give Mike Tomlin his first ring.
I look at our season and the losses we have had. We lost four games this year to Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants, and the Tennessee Titans. Only one of these teams remain in the Eagles. Philadelphia will be travelling across the country to face the Arizona Cardinals in their dome this Sunday. I like Arizona's odds. They are a dome team, they love the fast field and are playing out of their minds right now. Philadelphia is playing well, but they are sorta like the Steelers in the fact that they play better in the elements because they can use that to their advantage. They won't have that advantage this week.
The Steelers stay at home, however it is home field advantage, it really isn't. Yes they have the fans, the noise, and the spirit, but they have played the Ravens so many times, that the elements and the field almost don't matter. I would love to think that the field would be a significant advantage, but it won't this week. I believe that the only thing that matters is who can execute. I believe that the Steelers are playing at another cylinder right now that Baltimore will not be able to handle. I know they are the second ranked defense this year, but I don't think it will matter. I don't think the Ravens are as great individually as they are as a team. They can be individually picked apart. I believe the Steelers are as talented individually as they are as a team. I think we do have trouble areas, like any other team does, but I don't think the Ravens have the weapons to take advantage of those. I think the Chargers had a better chance of beating this team than the Ravens do. They had a top ranked offense on a hot streak. They couldn't overcome the great Steeler defense. I don't think Baltmore's offense holds a candle to San Diego's. I think we all know this. I do think Pittsburgh's offense is better than Miami's and Tennessee's. I like what the team has and I like the chances.
Steelers 24 - Ravens 10
Superbowl IX
Superbowl X
Superbowl XIII
Superbowl XIV
Superbowl XL
Here We Go Steelers!


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