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20 January 2009

Smack Talk

The smack talk has officially begun. I have already ventured to other forums to just peruse their logic. I had to laugh. It seemed as though all the Cardinals fans aren't football fans at all! They are just overzealous at the fact that their perrenial loser in a team finally made it somewhere.
The only thing I have to say right now is that you have to lose one to win one. With some exceptions, of course.
The Cards are playing the "no respect" clause to no end right now. If that is what they need to get up for a game like this, then let them run with it. I really don't care. I agree though that they get no respect, but that is because they still haven't earned it. They had a mediocre season and frankly sucked the last few games once they clinched the division. They did come out to play in the playoffs thus far, but is it the Cardinals that are that good or did the teams they play make too many mistakes and sink their own ships? I say the latter.
Don't get me wrong, I believe Larry Fitzgerald is playing out of his mind. I also believe the defense finally showed up for a game or two. I don't think, however, they have faced anything similar to the Steelers defensive machine yet this year. The Cards only succeeded in their offense because they used their minimal run game to set up their big passing plays. The Steelers do not give up yards on the ground. Period. Kurt Warner plays terrible when he is pressured. That is the Steelers specialty. I don't know how they expect to score as much as they think they can with Warner outside the pocket.
I also heard alot of blubbering about the Steelers offense sucking. I agree to a point. We sucked against the third ranked defense against the run. So what? The Cardinals aren't even in the top half in that category. The Cards are also claiming that they stopped two stout running offenses thus far. I guess that is true. That is if you consider that they couldn't afford to run the ball because their defense gave up too many points to methodically run the ball like they were used to. They passed the other teams right out of their game.
I am not saying we are the 1980s 49ers or anything, but we will do what it takes to win on offense. No matter how much the Cards do or do not score.
I love the fact that we don't have to use any of the motivational clauses to get up for this game. We are that good. A season-long dependable defense and solid offense. You know what they say....defense wins championships and the Steelers aren't finished with their business just yet.
Let me know what outlandish comments you hear!



  1. I had a cardinals fan tell me that ike taylor is a weak spot on our defense. "Face me" Ike will have to show them what is real.

  2. Let's Trash Talk Back Some Pats Fans

    Hey STEELER NATION!! There's alot of Pats fans smack talkin the Steelers at the following link. Go there and tell them what you think.http://www.townienews.com/site/archive/need-another-reason-to-root-against-the-steelers/

    I went back and forth with these idiots for a while. the best they could come up with was getting personal and trash my Mom and Dad. even after being told my Dad is no longer with us and served this country!! they are the biggest peices of shit to exist. Hammer them Steeler Nation!!!!