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20 January 2009

Pens Drop One Before All Star Break

It was a close one and the Pens battled to the last second, but Cam Ward was just too sharp tonight. The Pens fell out of playoff contention as well with this loss. It leaves a bad taste in their mouthes right before the All Star break. They have a week to regroup now. This is the home stretch. I know it is over halfway, but we are just barely on the outside looking in. I think it is all about the mental preparation from now on. They have the skill and physical attributes, but do they have the will. I would honestly say 75% of the time I think they do, but it is that last 25% that is killing them. They play 45 minutes of hockey instead of 60. I do believe they will figure it out and get their heads on straight to get into the playoffs. I have no doubt about that, but what place, I am not so sure. I still know that the division is within reach, definitely. We just need a solid streak like we normally do around this time of year. Usually, though, we don't need that streak to just get into the playoffs. Let's get it going, boys!


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  1. We need a kick in the ass, honestly. With the last game before break we looked like we were at 3/4 speed. This wont get it done fellas