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17 January 2009

The Real Superbowl?

I fully believe whoever wins this game, will ultimately win the Superbowl. It will be such an emotional win that it will carry over. The team that wins this game will have more confidence than anyone left over in the playoffs, whether it be Arizona or Philadelphia, they won't be able to hold a candle to the intensity that the AFC team will bring. That AFC team, of course, will be the Pittsburgh Steelers. They bring too much too the table. There has been a ton of trash talking on the Baltimore side. If that is what they need to get up for this game, then so be it. I think the more disciplined and mature team will come out on top. The Steelers have a bad taste in their mouth from the previous home losses in the AFC Championship games. To see another team celebrate on the field because they are going to the Superbowl would be, "devistating" as Hines Ward put it.
I watched another interview with James Harrison the other day and they asked him if he could bring out another level of gameplay, he simply stated, "no, because I give my all in every game". I thought that was a great answer.
In another interview with Ben Roethlisberger, he said that he thinks the experience of being in the AFC Championship game a couple time should benefit him more than the fact that this is Joe Flacco's first. Ben didn't say if he thought Flacco was going to faulter, but that he simply hoped it would help him (Ben).
Santonio Holmes and Willie Parker finally are hitting their stride, just at the right time. We were not able to utilize their abilities as much in the previous two matchups because Parker was hurting and Holmes wasn't where he is now. I think they will be two of the X factors for the Steelers offense.
I love the play as of late by our offensive line. I know they have been on the downside of everything about the Pittsburgh offense, but they have had so many injuries that they apparently, until now, haven't gelled quite yet. Luckily they figured it out for the last game and are on track for the rest of the season.
I like the quiet confidence in Hampton, Polamalu, and the rest of the Steeler defense. They aren't saying much, but it is what they are not saying that makes them confident. The Ravens are going to every media outlet they can find to gain respect. The Steelers gained their respect on the football field and don't care what anyone else thinks.
Jeff Reed is going to have to be one of our best players in this game. After kicking so many clutch times, it might be up to him to send us beyond Heinz Field this Sunday.
I would love to see Lawrence Timmons, LaMarr Woodley, and James Harrison at least register one sack each. I think if we are able to spread out our linebackers like that, we can catch them offguard. With the current injuries that the Ravens have and the huge pride factor, Baltimore will be desperate to keep up and make some mistakes.
Basically, I like our odds and our chances. I also like the way our team has behaved during this week in the face of the trash talking. I see a big win here where the temperatures will be a lovely 20-25 degrees. Perfect for a hard-hitting, hard-nosed game.

Here We Go Steelers!


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