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17 January 2009

Everything New...Will It Make A Difference?

I think we are all hoping and praying that this is the year for the streak to end. I will tell you I am a big baseball and Pirates fan. I am only a Pirates fan as well, I never drifted to another team during these 16 years of turmoil. I have not, however, followed them as closely as I follow the Steelers and Penguins. I will also admit that I don't have nearly the knowledgebase as well. I am willing to get back on the horse and get Pirates smart now though. I think the power changeover as well as the coaching changes will be the turning point for this team. I know it might not be this year, it might not even be next, but it will come soon. The farm system has never been built since around 1992. We have alot of work to do. It can't be overnight. I will support my hometown team as much as I can from now on and I would hope and pray you would as well. I want the Pirates to be looked up to at least close to as much as the Penguins, we all know that no team in Pittsburgh can top the Steelers. I finally like where we are going and what we are doing. We will see if this is finally the best move for our team.


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