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07 January 2009

Don't Jump the Gun!

OK, I don't want to jump ahead of myself here, but the Pens looked mighty good tonight against the last place Thrashers. I know, I know, they should look good against that team, but we haven't looked "good" for weeks now. This win hopefully could be a springboard for them to use as leverage into this upcoming road trip. I look forward to seeing what they can do with this. They looked as though they had their confidence back.I think the Pens could end up being a very underrated team for the next few months just due to this little mishap in the wins category. We won't be taken seriously and could steal a bit more than we should because of this. I don't mind if it happens just because any team would take advantage of us the same way. I like what I saw tonight and like the way we won. We finally did the little things right and took care of business at home. It was a necessary thing to do. The Pens need to start making Pittsburgh a home ice advantage before the playoffs kick in. They need to look like Washington and San Jose at home. They have alot of work left to do, but I think they can do it!
Let's Go Pens!


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