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07 January 2009

Band of the Week!...Volume 9! -Ludo

So, here is my newest installation all about what I will call my favorite band of the week. This weeks band is called Ludo. You can click on the band name for a full bio, but as for this blog, I will give you the quick down and dirty. First of all, I found this little "Ghostbusters" reenactment pretty funny and the band wants your votes. If there is anywhere on there that you can plug me showing you this, hook me up! Anywho, back to the band. Ludo consists of four all american guys from the midwest. They are say they are mostly from St. Louis though. Ludo has Andrew Volpe who does lead vocals and guitar, Tim Ferrell who does lead guitar and back up vocals, Tim Convy who does Moog/synth and back up vocals, and finally Matt Palermo who does drums and back up vocals. They are an interesting group that has a different style. You can sense a little 1980's in cooperation with todays rock sound. They were recently asked by Starry Magazine to describe their sound, their response was,"We have a saying that is, "Trying to describe what music sounds like is like trying to draw a picture of what spaghetti tastes like." It's tough! That said, we're a rock band that writes pop songs that usually tell a story. At times we're dark, quirky and funny. We don't take ourselves very seriously, but we're very serious about the music we make and the shows we play. " I thought this was a great answer and think you need to check them out if you already haven't!
There is a player on the bottom here with a couple songs from the band so you can have a hearsee. Also, here is a link to some lyrics, so you can see if you like their message as well.

Basically, I am telling all of you to check out this band and let me know what you think!



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