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30 December 2008

Turning the Ship Around

Well, the Pens have had a couple off and I believe it is high time they start turning this ship around. They finally have a compliment of defensemen and have too much talent not to succeed.
We get Hal Gill back tonight, that should help the penalty kill. They are also pushing Goligoski up to a forward position. Yes, they are dressing seven defensemen. The word is that it is just a precaution because it is Gill's first game back. I like the move. Especially against this red hot Bruins team.
A win tonight could provide that same spark that the outdoor classic did last year. It could be that big. It is also Jordan Staal's 200th game as well as Sidney Crosby's 250th game. Sid needs only two points to tie Mike Bossy at 345 and tie for fifth all-time for number of points in the first 250 games. Crosby would be behind some big names like Wayne Gretzky (537), Mario Lemieux (423), Petr Statsny (403), and Eric Lindros (360). I consider this very impressive.
Other than that is is still a big night for the Pens.
I look forward to see if they finally start shooting and if they can finally put together a complete game.
I am tired of Fleury having to bail us out with incredible saves and barely any defense. We have no sense of urgency. I know it is not even to the halfway point, but the Sharks, Redwings, and Bruins are showing that tenacity. I want to see the next level, like all of us do.

Tonight is the night.

Let's Go Pens!

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