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30 December 2008

Regular Season Wrap-up

I look back at this season with surprise. I saw a number of teams play significantly better than what I expected of them (Steelers Schedule), and alot of teams play completely terrible when they had the talent to win (Cleveland Browns). This is just our division too!
I saw a couple Super Bowl favorites go right down the tubes...Dallas...Jacksonville!
I look at the entire league and see a ton of overachievers due to schedule, and a ton of underachievers. I see teams with 11-5 records not making the cut and teams with 8-8 records making the playoffs. I don't know how to explain this except that timing is of the essence. It is not how much you beat your opponent by, but when and who you beat. Last year was another example of this. The Patriots won every regular season game by a ton, setting records all over the place, made it to the super bowl and lost. Like I said, who and when.
The Super Bowl Champs looked just that...Super..until the end of the year...that might cost them just like the Titans.
Denver had a three game lead in their division and lost it in the final game.
All hope looked like it was gone in Atlanta with the Vick incident until a rookie superhero showed up in Matt Ryan.
Carolina looks like they are back to form from the Super Bowl team a few years back.
Minnesota did exactly what was expected of them, just in a different way...on the arm of aged veteran Gus Frerotte.
Look at that 8-8 San Diego this year, starting off 4-8 and coming back to win the division.
You can look at Tennessee as well, they won 10 straight and went 3-3 the rest of the season. I think this will greatly hurt them in the playoffs. I also think that the Titans were blessed with an extremely easy schedule.
I saw a couple teams start off really hot and then die out quickly...Redskins...Bills...Jets!
I saw a couple teams start off lousy and end hot...Colts...Bears!
I saw the first 16 game winless team...Lions!
Miami won the division with 11 wins after winning just one last year. They are going to turn a few heads in the post season with their crazy lineups and smart coaching.
We had the usual losing teams in Oakland, Kansas City, San Fransisco, and St. Louis.
We had some pleasant surprises in Houston, who looks to be turning it around.
Baltimore made a comeback after starting off slow with another rookie quarterback.
Some disappointments in New Orleans, Seattle, and Green Bay.
What about Philadelphia getting not one, but two gifts in the last week. They needed the Bears and the Buccanneers to lose as well as beat the rival Cowboys to get in. All of the about happened and they are now the most unlikely team to make the playoffs. They also tied one of the worse teams in the league this year in the Bengals.
Arizona will be hosting their first post season game since 1947. That in itself is amazing.

All in all, I love how this season wrapped up and I can't wait for the playoffs!

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