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17 July 2008


I am getting the fever already. I looked at our schedule. It is incredible. We officially have the toughest schedule in the league this season. I feel if we pull off 10-6, we will be highly successful.

Here are my picks:

W Houston Texans
W @ Cleveland Browns
W @ Philadelphia Eagles
W Baltimore Ravens
L @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Bye Week
W @ Cincinnati Bengals
L New York Giants
W @ Washington Redskins
W Indianapolis Colts
L San Diego Chargers
W Cincinnati Bengals
L @ New England Patriots
L Dallas Cowboys
W @ Baltimore Ravens
W @ Tennessee Titans
L Cleveland Browns

I am looking forward to the Parker/Mendenhall combo as well as Roethlisberger's skills improving this season. I would love to see us tear up the AFC.

1 comment:

  1. In response to your predictions, I do not necessarily disagree with the end result of a 10-6 season, I would like to give a little bit more credit to our boys with respects to winning some of the bigger games such as Jacksonville (we're out for blood), New York Giants (give me a break) and Dallas Cowboys are not easy but doable. It is also time to shut up the Pats on their home field. If we are able to stay healthy throughout the year,this rigorous schedule should help to prepare the Steeler's for post season. Let's go kick some....