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10 September 2008

Brownies are Going Down the Toilet Bowl!

Well, as you can see, it is one of my favorite times of the year! Time to beat up on the Brownies! Here is some interesting things to read:
So, after reading all about the rivalry, this seems to be setting up to be an exciting game without even mentioning the fact that finally, the Browns are starting to put a better product on the field. So after a close 10-6 record for both teams last year, however a dominant performance by the Steelers with a sweep, the Steelers won the division. So, in the offseason, everyone and their mom jumped on the Brown's bandwagon. They are not a proven winner nor have shown the ability to dethrone the Steelers in any aspect of the game. I don't see where the critics are seeing a division winner out of Cleveland. I believe the Browns will start out 0-2 after a home loss to Pittsburgh this Sunday night. The Browns looked terrible against the Cowboys last week and will still be struggling to get their game together this weekend. We are 15-2 including the playoffs since the start of the 2000 season. This includes the gap between when Art Modell suddenly moved the Browns to Baltimore in 1995 and the reinsurgence of the Browns in 1999. I will be honest, I have been hoping that the Browns would finally prove to be more of a contest for years, but it seems that the leadership has had problems building any resemblance of a good team until last year. I like the matchup Sunday, however, I don't think the Browns are ready yet. I see another sound defeat and alot of violence. I think the Steelers honed some of their kinks from the preseason out against the Texans. I feel that Browns have not had the time as of yet. Cleveland went winless in the preseason and so far in the regular season. I think they have alot yet to work on and will not get a chance against the Steelers relentless and powerful offense and defense. The Browns first win will have to come in week three if they can overcome Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers will take their unbeaten record to Philadelphia which, after week 1, should turn out to be quite a game.

Steelers 28 - Browns 15

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