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08 September 2008

Ditka with Da Restaurant

Pitt alumnist and Chicago Bears famed head coach is bringing a restaurant into Pittsburgh. Ditka in an Aliquippa native and got his start into his great football career right here in Pittsburgh. The new restaurant features steaks, seafoods, and their signature pork chops. It will also include Mike Ditka's wine selection as well. It looks like the steakhouse is going to be in Robinson which is a good location where there is no other big name restaurants. I think it will be a nice addition. I like the fact that a prior Pittsburghee has come home and brought back some of his fame just like Jerome Bettis and his grille. However, it was expected from Bettis. It shows that people who gain success in Pittsburgh and leave still have the desire to come back and make a difference. It shows that Pittsburgh really is going places. I have included some links to articles that talk about the new restaurant which I believe will be called simply,"Mike Ditka's Steakhouse". Once open, go and check it out!



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