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11 September 2008


Out of all the things that have happened in US history, I do not believe any have impacted us as severely as what occured in New York City on September 11, 2001. You may be asking, "What does this have to do with Pittsburgh?". I will tell you. This event defined a generation. I hear often, "before 9/11 it was like this, before 9/11 it was like that", it shows how much things are different. I think the intent of the attack were to separate and frighten the US. It was to show us that we were not the superpower we thought we were and that we were vulnerable. It did do all of this, but it also showed us so much more that the attackers didn't expect. It made ordinary people become heroes. It made high school graduates and NFL stars turn to the military instead of college and fancy contracts. It made people once again take pride in what they have in this great country. It brought people together that would never normally be together. I am one of those high school and college graduates that chose service to my country over typical life. I am not looking for anything, I just needed to do my part. I deployed twice in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I saw first hand what we are fighting and realized what we are fighting for. I am proud of my contribution. I am proud of all the other soldiers that stood on the front lines when they didn't have to. They knew what they were getting into before they signed the papers and yet, they still signed. Grant it, it was a great tragedy that occured, but I see it as an awakening of people that were walking through the motions in America as if only they mattered. This single event marked a transformation in people that somehow turned out for the better. I think the attacks made us a better people and more aware of how fragile life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness truly is.

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