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04 August 2008

First Camp Week in Review

So, after the first week at camp, we have had several positive developments as well as several disappointing non-developments.
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I will start with the negatives:

PUP List: Casey Hampton, Troy Polamalu, and Chris Kemoeatu.
Chris Kemoeatu just came off this list, which is a positive inside the negative that he was ever on the list. If you didn't hear about how Casey Hampton ended up on the list, it is quite interesting. It was because in the past, he has never been punished for coming in overweight or out of shape, he shows up and gets in shape by playing football. This doesn't fly with Mike Tomlin. He wants his team coming in football ready and apparently let it slide last year. As a second year coach, he decided to make a statement. So far it is a big one. I think it is perfectly acceptable one. I believe these athletes get paid enough to afford a gym membership in the offseason or they can use the facilities the Steelers provide for free. There is no excuse for coming in out of shape unless that player is injured.

As far as Troy Polamalu being on the list, he is injured, it seems minor, but that are playing it safe so we don't start right where we left off last season. He is able to do all the drills, but he is jogging through them, not running. That makes a difference. He should be back sometime this week.

Finally, we have Chris Kemoeatu who, as I said, just came off the list. He was suffering from a tricept injury. We will have to watch him this season for reaccurances, but I doubt we will see any due to the apparent inherent replacement of perrenial Pro-Bowler Alan Faneca, who we lost to the Jets in the free agency market.

I think one of the worst things that has happened so far is the loss of Danial Sepulveda. You may sit there and say, "He is just a punter!", but field position is vital for a team's success and Sepulveda was becoming great at it.

There seems to have been a considerable amout of small groin injuries in the first week. This could be common because it is just the first week. Hopefully it is just that.

Our schedule features a ton of challenges and proving points for our defence. I don't know if it is necessarily a negative, but if we played a season where we had the easiest schedule, I might feel differently. We face every team that turned a corner and took it to the next level, as well as all the ones that remained in the elite category. I am excited to see what we do in the coming weeks.

The development of Lawrence Timmons. This more or less disappoints me because he is supposed to be the sure thing, but it appears he is not ready yet, unless he tries another position to fit into the depth chart.

On to the positives:

Apparently Kevin Greene likes what he sees in our linebackers, James Harrison and second year man LaMarr Woodley. He even goes out on a limb to say that Woodley is going to be better than him. I love it when great players say things like these, it gets me really excited for this season to kick off.

Once again, Hines Ward is using a motivator to excel at his position. If that is what it takes for Ward to perform at the level that he does, give him something every year. He may be 32, which really isn't that old at all, but he still is one of the best. He is and has been the best thing for Ben Roethlisberger since coming in as a rookie. If every rookie quarterback had a extremely dependable go to guy, then I believe alot more quarterbacks would be alot more successful.

It is great to see a second year player, on the verge of a breakout season, starting to show signs of eventually replacing Ward as a leader on and off the field. Let's face it, Ward will not be here forever and someone needs to learn when to step up and says things to players and when to let things ride. Santonio Holmes is learning just that.

Successful rookie news is always good news. I like the look of some players, like Jeremy Bloom, who may or may not make the team, but shows alot of heart and dedication.

Dennis Dixon. I would love to see Tomlin throw him into a Slash role, just to get him playing time. I don't think Tomlin likes that idea as much though. I know that Charlie Batch is skilled enough as a quarterback that Dixon will not overtake his position anytime soon, so I think we should get hime game time while we can.

The Rest:

Well, there has been alot said about these Pittsburgh Steelers for this upcoming season. I like the look of the roster and the quality of our players. I think our record of 10-6 from last year is just a simple showing of things to come considering our key injuries at key times and a new look staff positions in every category except defense. There has been alot of discussion of the Browns finally taking over the division, but I disagree, they might have played well last season, but when the chips were down, they couldn't beat us. They may look good on paper, but how they look on the field matters. In other words, the division is still ours until they take it from our cold, dead hands.

This will be talked about here....

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