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06 April 2009

Wins and Losses

Well, if we have to sacrifice a couple wins by the Penguins for the Pirates to win their season opener, I would rather have it back. Luckily, there was no damage done because Montreal lost to Ottawa tonight. This gives us the opportunity to clinch a playoff birth tomorrow night in Tampa Bay even easier on the eyes because we are still clinging to sixth place in the East. We will still be in sixth place with the win tomorrow night, but we will have that playoff birth on our season resume.

I look at the NHL standings and I know that the New York Islanders play at Carolina Hurricanes tomorrow night and the Florida Panthers are playing in Philadelphia against the Flyers. If the Canes and the Flyers lose, it will help us out, but not in the standings just yet. We will still be hanging around in sixth place. The New York Ranger are playing at home against the Montreal Canadians as well. If we can get the hat trick of wins by teams we want wins from, we will see Montreal lose that one. If the stars are properly aligned, we will not see a change in standings tomorrow night. This is unlikely, however.

The worst case scenario is that the Penguins get leap-frogged by Montreal by a point and the Panthers join the playoff race over the Rangers. This scenario would also negate any opportunity to get ahead of the Flyers for fourth place and home ice advantage for at least the first round. So, let's hope for the best in Tampa.

The good thing about today is the fact that the Pirates won their season opener. They did it in dramatic fashion as well. They were down 4-2 going into the top of the 9th inning when Andy LaRoche singled to right, driving in Freddy Sanchez, this put us one behind with two outs. Eric Hinske then doubled sending LaRoche to third. Out came tonight's hero, Jack Wilson. With two outs and two strikes, he killed a double, driving in three runs to pull ahead 6-4. What a way to start the season. Hopefully that winning feeling becomes contagious.

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