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15 April 2009

My Playoff Predictions!

Since I didn't put in my actual playoff prediction, I will put them in here!
You have to click below to see them though.
Will I pick the Pens? I think we all know I will!

These picks, you can go on record for. They will be factual. The Pens will once again beat the Boston Bruins in the conference finals to go to the Stanley cup finals. Yes, in 1991 and 1992, we beat the Boston Bruins in the conference finals before destroying the other conference in the finals.

I don't think Washington will be able to overtake the Rangers, I believe they will get back to earlier season form.

The Devils don't have a prayer against the Hurricanes. Period. Well, one...Brodeur.

Habs and Boston will go a long, grueling series with the Bruins on top.

No one, except the Pens, will beat the Sharks.

The Redwings will have a tough time in Columbus, but will prevail.

I like the St. Louis and Vancouver matchup. I think the Canucks are just too hot right now to lose to the Blues.

Chicago has to lose to win.

This will be one of the best playoff series we will have seen in a long time. I am talking every series of every game. The salary cap made all the teams so close that a 1-8 matchup isn't so distant anymore.

Let's Go Pens!


  1. While I'm not sure on all of the Eastern Conference matches, I do think that Jersey will push Carolina out of the playoffs - Brodeur's not ready to rest on his laurels this year.

  2. I don't know about all that, I mean a goalie can be good, but a miracle worker? Carolina is just too tenacious right now. I would love to see Carolina axed, but I don't think they have the drive. Although, Carolina practically had 4th seed lined up, but blew the final two...maybe it will be like the 92-93 Pens, go on a long winning streak with no losses and tiring out for the playoffs. I don't see anyone in the playoffs right now that the Pens should be afraid of.