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15 April 2009

All Pittsburgh Blogger...A Must Read!

Well, after careful consideration, I have decided to let you all in on the master plan. I want all of you to read this and ask yourselves if you want to be a part of it. It was a short, but sensible conversation with a good friend, The Unemployed Asshole, we started thinking of what we would like to see as far as blogs in Pittsburgh. We came up with a great idea...at least we think so!

How about a one stop shop for Pittsburgh bloggers? It can cover anything from Pens to Pirates to Steelers to anything else you can think of. I figure we put everyone's blog that wants in on there in an easy to read format. Also, we can have a blogroll next to them of all the recent posts, so everyone gets the same chance.

We also have the forum on there where people can come in and talk to the people that are closest to the teams. These are people that are respected by most Pittsburgh fans. This forum doesn't have to stop at sports though, although it is the headline, it can be about news as well as the arts. Just as long as they are categorically organized. If you are added to the blogroll, I would expect appearances in the forum, so as to keep people coming back.

I think this is a needed thing in Pittsburgh. I mean, most cities have generic versions of this, but we will be the first to have an official site to go to. No one will have to create their own blogrolls for the latest and you won't have to go site to site finding the gems. You would just come to our site and see it all.

If you want to be a part of this, let me know and we can get the ball rolling. I am not a genius with design yet, so I may need some help with some of the ideas. Oh, if ads and donations roll in, it will be split evenly based on posting average. In this I mean that if you blog or check into the forum once a year, you aren't going to get the same cut as the people that post daily and check the forum out all the time. I think that is fair and makes sense.

Let me know what you think and if your interested! If you decide to do it, then let everyone know you are! Advertise all you can!


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