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04 March 2009

Trade Winds...Final Edition!

Well, we didn't get the winger we all hoped for. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I don't know yet. We picked up Bill Guerin who is 38 years old. He still has gas in the tank and the leadership experience. We also brought in Craig Adams off waivers for some depth. Don't forget the Kunitz trade. We didn't get rid of Jordan Staal as well, so it is almost like a gain. I was truly expecting to lose him this time and gain an even bigger salary in exchange. Overall, I am happy with who we picked up. These players might be the grease that makes the gears work a little better.

Chris Kunitz will come first here. He is 29 and has potential for some greatness with this team. Well, maybe not greatness, but an impact player nonetheless. I look forward to what he can add to what he has already started, 3 goals and 2 assists over 3 games. I really don't expect him to keep up these numbers, but honestly, you never know. I love his speed and grit, his fearless ability to drive to the net and slam into the nearest puck carrier. He is and will be a valuable asset for the next couple years. He has invigorated Staal and Kennedy's line to the point that I don't want the separated. I like what I see. All this and considering we receiver Eric Tangradi, a huge power forward still developing, for Ryan Whitney, a defenseman who desperately needed a change of scenery.

Second, I will talk about Bill Guerin here. He may be 38, but like I said, he still has gas in the tank. We see him often and was the captain of the New York Islanders. He is alot like Mark Recchi. He has won a cup with New Jersey in 1995. He will help the junior leadership get their heads straight for the playoff run. He might not have extreme stats this year, but what he brings to the locker room is essential and we all knew we needed it. You also have to consider what we gave up for him. We sacrifice a fifth round pick if we don't make the playoffs, a fourth round pick if we win a series, or a third round pick if we get any further. I like this deal. We recieved some needed leadership and experience for essentially nothing vital.

After a inconsequential minor league deal we picked up Adams off of the waiver wire from Chicago. I am not going to claim I know alot about this guy, but it seems to be more of a depth move. I can deal with that.
Maybe the biggest for me this year is the trade that didn't happen. That trade would be an overpriced winger for somebody and Staal. I will say I love his gameplay. Now, I know alot of fans bash him for his pricetag and his position in collaboration with what he has put up on the scoresheet. I will be honest here, I am a little disappointed, but I can see him exploding offensively with the right playing time and right linemates. He isn't a Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin, he is different, but essential. You can say what you want about him, but I would rather pay him $4 million a year than have to play against him in the future. He is only 20 and is only going to get better. I am willing to wait. Right now, it looks like Shero smartly filled some holes while not disturbing the chemistry and also without spending a ton. I give him high regards for this year's dealings.


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