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29 March 2009

Band of the Week!...Volume 13! -Allele

So, here is my newest installation all about what I will call my favorite band of the week. This weeks band is called Allele (pronounced Uh-Leel). You can click on the band name for a full bio, but as for this blog, I will give you the quick down and dirty. Allele has more of a harder feel to them. They remind me of Seether, Chevelle, and Shinedown. Ironically, because two of the members, Wally Wood and Lane Maverick used to play in the earlier versions of Shinedown. Another member, Kelly Hayes, came from Cold. If you know these bands, you may have a good idea of the sound they produce. Wood puts it best. "I want Allele to be in every single person's musical vocabulary. We have a message of unity we want to share with everyone." "We'd be happy just to pack clubs. I humbly think that we won't become an icon thing. That's rare. That's when music was to be innovated and you can no longer innovate because it's all been done. I think the time of being an icon is over. Obviously, I would love to get to a point where our band could headline arenas, who wouldn't? But that is such a huge goal. I would be happy headlining a 500 person venue, six days a week. That would be the greatest thing to us. If God had a sense of humor, and we were selling out arenas, I wouldn't even know what to say." They are currently finishing up their second album, called Something Cured, it will be released this year sometime.
Check them out!

Here is a link to some lyrics, so you can see if you like their message as well.
Basically, I am telling all of you to
check out this band and let me know what you think!

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