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01 February 2009

We Can't Win Two?

Ok, I am convinced now. We can't have two championships in the same season. I will even venture to go back to 1992, when we had the Penguins win the cup and the Pirates fall just short because of that bastard Sid Bream. Is that how it is going to be? I am to the point, especially after the past two Penguin games that this is the truth. Pittsburgh can't have two championship teams in one season. I refuse to say it is over for the Pens, but come on, they were the Toronto Maple Leafs, perrenial losers when we are supposed to be making our push for the playoffs. Should Fleury have started? I don't think so, you can't expect him to save us every night. I think we need the trade deadline to get here sooner than later. Hopefully when that hits, Shero has something special up his sleeve. Something Manny Ramirez-like. I mean Manny put the Dodgers on his back last season, which did prove what an ass he was in Boston, and got them to a level they just wouldn't have been able to be. We need that type of player. In my mind it needs to be a defenseman. Our hired guns are doing all they can to keep the ship afloat, but when the defense lets you down game after game, what are you going to do? I will tell you what. Make a change. I know Michel Therrien has tried everything and we were supposedly out of our "losing ways", but the last two nights were devistating. We need to win like 20 games out of 31 that are left to even make the playoffs. That is if everyone keeps playing like they have been. I don't see it happening unless we go crazy at the deadline. I hate the fact that it is a necessary point, but it is.


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