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10 February 2009

The search for an Offensive Coordinator takes a twist

As we know, the Panthers are seraching for an Offensive Coordinator who isn't quite as offensive as Matt Cavanaugh was.

The list of candidates, whether true or not, is a bit offensive. It can be seen, broken down, here: http://community.post-gazette.com/blogs/collegesports/default.aspx

My personal choice, even though we probably can't get him, is Bryan Harsin of Boise St., pictured at left. (http://www.broncosports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=54307&SPID=4061&DB_OEM_ID=9900&ATCLID=578847&Q_SEASON=2008)
The guy is 32 years old, makes $180,000 a season, is extremely innovative and has shown the ability to adapt to his personnel. He just completed his 3rd year as OC. He tured down overtures from Miami and Alabama after the 2006 season. I would love to get him or somebody who has a similar style.

One name that has been thrust into the forefront is Walt Harris, former coach of the Panthers. Sources close to the administration have confirmed that he has been inverviewed by AD Steve Pedersen and Chancellor Mark Nordenberg. This hire may not be Wanny's call. Additionally, Walt was seen at last night's basketball game sitting with Steve Pedersen, Former Pitt coach Brian Deal, former QB Tyler Palko and former Panther coach Bob Ligashesky. Walt has been living in the Pittsburgh area with his son and his girlfriend/spouse. He also is a candidate for the Seneca Valley head coaching job pending the outcome of the Pitt OC derby.

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