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30 January 2009

My Prediction: Steelers are Super Bowl Champions!

I think it is completely ridiculous that anyone is writing as much as they are abour how great the Cardinals are. Remember, they are the team that went 2-4 down the final stretch. You know, when you are supposed to be ramping up for the playoffs? They keep saying the only reason they didn't play better was because they didn't have to. That is a crock. What team wants to go into the post season with a couple losing games? Noone in their right mind. They played terrible. Yes, it looks like they got it back together, but they are going to be coming back down to Earth this Sunday. They have not faced a defense like the Steelers. I know they think the Eagles were like the Steelers are, but that simply isn't true, no matter how you stretch it. The Steelers and the Ravens, yes I said it, are heads and shoulders above any team in the league on defense. We put up 23 on the Ravens remember. What can we do to the Cardinals? I think that commentators are being oh so nice to Arizona simply because we have so much steam heading down to Tampa. They keep whining that they get no respect, how about us? We have officially earned it and we aren't getting it. Ok. That's fine. We will see come gameday. When the Cardinals are looking like the Cardinals that played Seattle at the end of the season instead of the ones that played the Eagles last week.
Steelers 24 - Cardinals 10


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