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09 January 2009

Getting Pumped!

I don't care where you are from, but if you are a part of Steelers Nation, this weekend should excite you. This is hopefully game one of three for this playoff season. The Steelers looked primed and ready to go for this game against the Chargers and I love it! I already made my predictions amongst other things for this game so I won't repeat all those things again, unless you want them, then click here!

This is what the Chargers are coming from....

This is what the Chargers are coming to!

I think no matter how much you practice, you need to practice in the elements. The Chargers are practicing in sunny San Diego. If I were coach I would have them in Pittsburgh already practicing their plays in the elements. Who am I to say though, I am not an NFL coach!

I am so excited to hear the fans...on TV...as I am too poor to get tickets for this one! Here are what some analysts are saying:

CBS Sportsline
FOX Sports
Sports Illustrated
Yahoo Sports

To sum it up, noone knows what the outcome will be, but what everyone seems to know is that our defense will be dominant and the weather will be bad. I say they might as well say the Steelers will win!

Be Proud and Loud this weekend!

Here We Go Steelers!



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