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08 October 2008

A Little R&R!

Finally! I think the best thing for this team right now is our bye week. Usually, I wouldn't like to see it this early in the year, but we really need it. We are in for a rough road ahead, but the bye gives us a chance to heal up before we make our playoff push. We are ahead of my season prediction of 10-6, where I picked us to be 3-2 right now. I am impressed in the resiliency of our team and the skill of our defense. This is a good time to look at the things we have done right and the things we have done wrong and fix them. It also gives a chance to look at players like Mewelde Moore, who apparently has alot more to offer. It gives us a chance to work around our recent season ending injuries to Rashard Mendenhall and Kendall Simmons. It gives Jeff Reed a chance to let his sore groin soften up. It gives us another chance to look at our playbook once again and cross out the play that just haven't worked for us so far. It gives a chance for James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley to step back and realize how special of a tandem they are. Ben Roethlisberger gets the chance to convince Bruce Arians and Mike Tomlin once again to let him run the offense some more. Ben will also get to look at some tape and realize that he needs to get rid of the ball more than he is. The receivers get a chance to see if Limas Sweed can break the lineup and work with Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward. Our offensive line should have a team building exercise so they can get on the same page a little better. Troy Polomalu gets to rest up from his maniac antics and prepare for much, much more. Overall, I think we played well these first five games, but with very little work, and I mean very little, they could be so much better. I think it is extremely important that we solve these minor issues due to the strength of schedule for the rest of the year. Luckily some of those teams that excelled last year are pretty human this year, so it isn't as bad as it should be. Still tough none the less.

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