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09 October 2008

1980 Olympics Again?

The Detroit Redwings are the Russians and the Pittsburgh Penguins are the United States hockey team from the 1980 Winter Olympics. The Wings are a very good and very old team and the Penguins are a very good and very young team. The commentators and analysts automatically believe that the Redwings will win the Stanley Cup once again and the Penguins may come in a distant second or third. Last time the Penguins faced the Wings, they were defeated quite handily in six games just like the game before the olympics where the United States lost 10-3. Little do the Wings know that it will all come to pass again. The Wings will look unbeatable, and most teams will think they are, until they face the Penguins again. The Wings will think that they have it made and have it in the bag, but the Penguins will not lose to this team twice. The Penguins will hoist the Stanley Cup this year as the United States clutched the gold medal. The cup will be back in Pittsburgh this year!
So, the personnel aren't exactly the same types, but the circumstances are. Now, I didn't pick the Wings to go to the finals again, but that was more or less because I don't want them to be successful. I believe certain teams have won enough Stanley Cups. It is our turn again and we are hungrier than anyone else.

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