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28 September 2008


I am not typically a very political person or politically correct for that matter. I see many problems outside the economy with our country right now. We have lost our pride in who we are, what we are, and what we do. Back in the day, we had pride because we didn't have to watch everything we did and said. Now we do anything "controversial" and we are in danger of losing our jobs or our bank accounts. We are so sue happy that it is all but impossible to have actual freedom of speech in public. This blog is pretty much the only outlet anymore.

I mean look at our national language, or lack of national language I should say. We should label English as our language. You hear we are a melting pot and all that, but it doesn't mean there can't be an expectant that people speak English here. I have no problems with immigrants, heck, my ancestors were immigrants from Ireland. I have a problem with our own Americans not have any pride in what we have here to stand up for what we believe in. If we were France or Spain it would be expected with no problems that their national language is french or spanish, but it is insulting to expect that from Americans.

I titled this blog as patriotism. I titled it this way for a reason. I think pride feeds patriotism. I think when 9/11 occurred, we leaped at a chance to be patriotic and we were. I w
as proud of our reaction and I still am. It seems like we have already forgotten what happened that day. I know we observe the day it happened every year, but what are we doing beyond that? I will answer it, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

We invaded Iraq for two reasons, to protect the citizens of America from the threat of weapons of mass destruction (wmd) and to save the people of Iraq from the tyranny and slaughter brought on by a dictator. Now, I know a majority of people believe that we found no wmd's. In a way they are right. We found very little, much less than expected. Here is my problem with it, we gave the Iraqi government weeks and weeks to get the materials and evidence out of the country before we could invade. Do you think they took advantage of this? Of course they did. Saddam Hussein was not a dumb guy. Do you think we had a reason t
o invade any other country at that time? Of course not. No one was causing visible problems. Saddam knew we couldn't invade everyone and would look bad if we didn't find any wmd's. That is exactly how it went down. My bottom line here is that the wmd's were not the only reason we invaded. We were there to help free the people of Iraq from a tyrant. We successfully did this. I feel that everyone lost sight on what all we were there for and fiended for some controversy. We took it and ran.

I just wish that we could turn this ship around and grab pride by the horns and believe in our country and our leaders once again. Take our past a
nd represent it well. We aren't doing that right now. Instead of showing division, we need to start standing together once again. Think about it. Show some heart, show some pride. Be American once again.

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