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05 September 2008

It's Official!

The official first game of the football season has occured. Grant it, it wasn't the best of games, but it was a game none the less. I am so looking forward to see how the Steelers do I can barely stand it! The big thing that sucks is that I am going to miss Sunday's game because I have training in the Army this weekend. Trust me, I wasn't a happy camper when I found out! I am hoping for a ton of action and a standard to be set in our first game. Listen to me, saying "our" like it is my team too. Well, technically, I guess it is. It is all our team. I would love to see 300+ from Ben and a couple TD's as well as a 100+ game from Parker. I would love to see our defense get 3+ sacks and a pick or two. I would love to see our team get off on the right foot. I think it is very possible for all of the above and even more to happen against a decent team like the Texans. I would also like to see our O-Line stand up and shut up the critics by protecting Ben for the whole game. I did predict the Steelers to win as usual (I will never vote against them) but, never guessed a score, so I am going to start off this season with game by game guesses.

Steelers 31 - Texans 13

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