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28 August 2008

Cowboys? The First America's Team? I Don't Think So!

So, I was on the Steelers Forum the other day and in passing read that the Steelers were the first pick in the "America's Team" draft. I was shocked and excited all at the same time. Apparently Dan Rooney stated that we were not "America's Team", we were "Pittsburgh's Team". He didn't want to hear any of that. He didn't want to be America's team, he wanted to be just Pittsburgh's team. I feel so much better about being Pittsburgh's team. I think it is more loyal to the hard workers in this city. I know that we are now more of a high tech town, but it is still intimidating to others teams knowing that we are a get down and dirty, get the job done kinda town. I love hearing this and I think everyone should know that we were first pick. I really love that we turned it down because we didn't want it. It makes it funnier and funnier that the Cowboys claim to fame is that they are America's team. They never mention that they were second place, a.k.a. first loser! SO, what I am saying is, next time you see a Cowboys fan, let them know they were sloppy seconds!

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