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14 June 2008

Long Layoff, But I Am Still Here!

Sorry about such a long layoff. It will all be over soon. Got my check and wil be getting the new computer soon. I am looking forward to getting back on the horse. I have been watching alot of sports and am getting excited about the Penguins offseason as well as the currently almost competetive Pirates and the to be tough and character building season for the Steelers.

I like all the talks with the Penguins so far. I am nervous about our end product, but I am sure we all will be happy when it does come. I would love to see us keep Hossa. I would love to see what Malkin will do with a healthy Crosby there as well as Hossa. The only thing I am really worried about is our defensive situation. I believe if we lose Orpik, it will be very big unless we can find an equal. He is the physical presence along with Gill. I honestly would like to see us use the money from Sydor and Roberts going somewhere else. I see the potential for both of them retiring. We have enough experience now that we can risk losing their locker room presence. We will see!

The Pirates are so close yet so far. We are finally there offensively, but not completely there defensively and pitchingwise. I think we can get there with a few minor changes as well as a buttload of confidence. I honestly think that would be the key to a better record. Confidence. I don't see us making the playoffs or anything, but coming close would be a great confidence booster. I hope to see that this season. Who knows?

I love the Steelers, but the schedule this year is hellish. I will tell you what, we make the playoffs with a 10-6 record, we will be great in the playoffs. I feel we would have faced every hard team we will face in the playoffs during the regular season. We can use that experience to our advantage. Well, at least I hope we can. I see this season as surprising in the effects of player moving and the draft. On paper, all the teams should make the playoffs save a few, but not everyone can. So, it should be a competitive year. Injuries will be key. Heart will be key. Someone will the the dark horse surprising everyone. Someone will be terrible when they should be great. It will be a great season either way.

Well, give me a little bit and I will be writing daily again as well as putting crazy graphics up. Let me know what you think!


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