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05 April 2009

SteelKeg's Crystal Ball

I'm going to have a little fun on the eve of Buccos '09 and offer up some predictions for the upcoming season. In all honesty, I’m not big on making predictions. My recent atrocious showing in the 2009 NCAA basketball bracket challenge among family and friends is proof enough. And just so my mother is aware, the team in green does not win every year as I recently suggested. She took that advice and vaulted her way into the final game of the NCAA basketball tournament. Her bracket is in the lead with all the dough on the line, who woulda thunk it! Now on with my 2009 Pittsburgh Pirate predictions or.......randomness, whichever you prefer.

Record: 60 - 102
Team MVP: Ryan Doumit
Pirates Rookie of the Year: Andy LaRoche
Most Improved Player from 2008: Freddy Sanchez
Most Disappointing Player: Matt Capps
First Player Demoted: Jesse Chavez
First Player Ejected: Craig Monroe
First Player to Hit a Home Run: Ryan Doumit
First Player to Steal a Base: Nyjer Morgan
Most Home Runs: Ryan Doumit
Most Steals: Nate McClouth
Most Pitching Wins: Ian Snell
Most Losses: Ross Ohlendorf
Most Saves: Matt Capps

How many players on the current roster will be traded during the season and who? 3, Freddy Sanchez, Adam Laroche, John Grabow

Which player is likely to cause me to curse like a sailor and throw things at my TV? Nyjer Morgan! Hands down!

Who is my favorite player on the current roster? Ryan "Dirt" Doumit

What is my favorite PNC Park beverage? Limited choices...Penn Dark.

What is my favorite PNC Park food? Primanti's and nachos

What seats are my favorite in PNC Park? Above the Clemente Wall in right field.

What is my least favorite part of PNC Park? I hate all you can eat seats!

Pirate Parrot or Captain Red Beard? Ha, the Parrot needs to off the Captain!

Which pirogi from the Great Pirogi race is your favorite? Jalapeno Hannah is a little Hottie!

OK folks, just wanted to have some fun on the eve of the Buccos season and offer some fun predictions and questions. Please leave comments with your own predictions and fun facts about the Buccos and PNC Park!


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