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05 April 2009

Season Opening

I am not by any means a baseball guru, but I do pay attention! I am going to go out on a limb and start the season off right, with high standards. I never really had them with our Pirates, but this year, I feel differently. This is also assuming that our players will live up to their expectations. I think that after last season, they can and will. I like our odds. Now, I am not claiming that we will make the playoffs or anything, but with everyone just assuming that we are going to set the record for consecutive losing seasons, we have the ability to take some teams by surprise. They will be coming to town to win a couple games and get beat. I like this idea. I think our pitching can be strong enough, if they would all have their good year in the same year. In the end, I am seeing 81 wins!

Who knows what this team is capable of? Honestly. The answer is no one. Everyone thought the Penguins were sunk when they missed the playoffs five years in a row and Crosby and Malkin were drafted. Then a whirlwind happened and a couple years later, we were in the finals. I am not saying that we will turn it around to that extreme this year, but we are finally on our way, I believe.

I think we could have been turning this ship around a few years back, if there was a salary cap in the league. I mean, can't they see how well it works in all the other leagues? I know, the players want the money, but come on! Don't they see how much better the league could be, how much more fun and popular and challenging? I don't think they care as long as they are making $25 million in a season. There are people in our economy...(Me)...that are unemployed and trying to make ends meet. I mean I was in the Army and am using the new GI Bill...(Thank God)...to pay for schooling come October, but there are quite a few...(8.5% Unemployment Rate)...that don't have the benefits that I have. How much money does one person really need?

Ok, alright, I am done complaining for now...

Back to the Bucs!

I see a surprise entrance from McCutchen and Gorzelanny before the season ends. We might even see Alvarez and Tabata for a brief stint at the end of the season to see how they fair. I see our five starters pulling off some big wins where, last year, they would have lost. The coaching isn't expected to sink in and come through immediately, but it will before the end of the season. Our group will be a lot closer and more like a family by the end of the season.

I think we will surprise a lot of teams this year with are .500 season. We may not turn too many heads in Major League Baseball, but it will be a turning point in our franchise.

Let's Go Bucs!

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