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26 April 2009

McCoy to Eagles 2nd Round, Great for him

Pitt's LeSean McCoy went to the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2nd Round (53rd overall) of the NFL Draft on Saturday.

From a post I made yesterday on Pantherlair.com:
Did any of you honesty think that it was best for HIM to come back for another season to come back and take 20-30 carries a game and get beat up?

Everybody already knows what he can do. It's a weak draft this year and it was a great time for him to go.

The chance of him getting injured greatly overrules ANY other considereration that he could have come back for. He can now go shine and get paid for it, as opposed to getting beat up and possibly getting hurt. We have no real QB again this year and he'd be relied upon to win games again this season.

Why stay around and get beat up for free when you can get paid for it?

If you think he made a bad decision, ask yourself if you're being selfish and you really want him back at Pitt for yourself instead of him doing his own thing and taking care of himself.


  1. Let's hope he makes it big, like Fitzgerald!

  2. Making it big is playing four years for your college. You know, like everybody used to do.