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13 April 2009

Harrison Deserving or Steelers Statement?

Well, James Harrison finally got his payday. Now, I know a lot of you are thinking that the Steelers shouldn't pay a 30 year old linebacker a possible $50 million. They did pay Ben Roethlisberger $102 million...why not? Are the Steelers making a statement or is it a deserving payday? You decide!

Think about it for a minute...I mean really think about it. The Steelers organization isn't known for paying older players as well as players who have proven themselves over a short period of time. They find the diamonds in the rough from the draft or as an unrestricted free agent, but as soon as they appear to be losing some of their shine, the organization releases them. So far, for the past 50 years, it has worked like clockwork. They haven't paid out an older guy yet, but in the state of the NFL, I think it might be a necessary evil. It might be a huge payoff for the future, I mean, planting the seed that we are willing to pay for talent that shows the virtues of a true Steeler. That statement could bring a lot more success in than Harrison ever could.

Think about it for a minute...I mean really think about it. If the Steelers think it is worth it, than they are probably right. Harrison hasn't been a starter for long and that might be a serious influence on their decision. He hasn't had the wear and tear a typical 30 year old linebacker experiences in a career. He won the league's defensive player of the year. He set the sack record for the Steelers, which is saying a lot and he is still just a second year starter. They did have him on discount last year at $1 million. They did have another year on his current contract and could have held him for another by franchising him. Did they see something in him or not? I hope we will know as soon as the season starts.

So, you make the decision...a deserving raise or a statement for the future?


  1. I think it was a good decision, and possibly a minor statement. Harrison should give them several more years at LB.

  2. Several...or six? We will see!