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20 March 2009

Pitt wins, 72 - 62

Well, Pitt played by far its worst game of the year but still won by 10. Had they played this bad against West Virginia in their last lost they would have lost by 40-50. They won today simply because the team they played is that bad and ETSU shot terribly today. Had Pitt played any team that was half decent today they would have been sent packing home. This is not a good sign going into the second round againt Oklahoma State. In fact, had they played Oklahoma State today, they would have lost by about 30. DeJuan Blair carried the team with 27 points and 16 rebounds. He was the only player to show any enthusiasm throughout.

It was the 161st win for Pitt coach Jamie Dixon, tying him with North Carolina State's Everett Case (1947-52) for the best start ever in the first six seasons of any college basketball coaching career.

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