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11 March 2009

Mix-Up Sends Corpse, Not Fish, To Pet Store

Ok, this is a little ridiculous. I can't believe a delivery company or even the post office could possibly be this dumb. I know they are just reading the tag and shipping it, but you have to know that a coffin with a body in it going to a fish store should look and sound funny.
On a side note: this could be revenge for the Superbowl...it is coming from Arizona, but they don't know where Pittsburgh is, so they sent it to the closest city...Philly!

PHILADELPHIA -- Employees of a Pennsylvania pet store expecting a shipment of tropical fish and salt water received a man's dead body instead.
Mark Arabia owns the Pets Plus store in northeast Philadelphia, where the mix-up was discovered Tuesday. He said he learned the body was that of a 65-year-old San Diego-area man who died of early onset Alzheimer's disease.
The deceased man's wife said she was shocked initially, but found the former mailman's posthumous postal mix-up funny.
The body was supposed to go to a research laboratory in Allentown, 70 miles away.
US Airways Inc. released a statement saying the air cargo problem was caused by a "verbal miscommunication between a delivery driver and the cargo representative." The Tempe, Ariz.-based airline said it's deeply sorry.
The fish were shipped in three boxes. The corpse was shipped in a wooden coffin wrapped in cardboard.
Arabia said the fish were left at the airport and probably died.
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