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22 February 2009

Larry Legend makes appearance at DePaul game

Pitt beat DePaul 80-61 Saturday night at the Petersen Events Center, and a very special guest was in attendance. Larry Fitzgerald, a.k.a. Larry Legend, was there to see his Panthers. He has some free time since the NFL season is over.

We may or may not see his vaunted #1 retired, but no one can argue that he wasn't the best receiver to ever put on a Pitt uniform, if not the best that college football has ever seen. I personally would have never re-issued the number, but sometimes Pitt does goofy things.
He received two standing ovations. At halftime a large line formed to get autographs and pictures, and the Event Staff people formed a perimeter around him. He spoke to Steve Pederson and Freddy Fu and some other folks. After the game another line formed.
It was great to see an all-time Panther great stop back to take in a game.

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