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04 January 2009

Therrien Must Go!

Michel Therrien was the coach for the guys when they needed someone to get more out of them as they came up from the minor leagues. He did just that. I don't think he is the coach to maintain us at the next level. He was lucky the team got together to get to the finals last year, I don't believe it was due to great coaching. I believe that we have unbelievable talent that Michel has lost touch with. I don't see him regaining that this season. It is his time to go and new, experienced blood to be brought in. Someone from outside the system and with a good plan in mind. I tried standing up for our coach as long as I could, but this is too much now. I think there are alot of fans in the same boat as me in this logic. You start to wonder why he was almost the longest coach in Penguins history. A hockey coach is not designed to be so long lived. I would like to see us go out and sign a great coach. Too bad Scotty Bowman is too old and already involved with the Blackhawks. We need a guy like him. Let me know if you agree. Maybe we should get a petition going of something...


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