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07 January 2009

Pat Quinn?....Really?

Ok, let's talk realistically. The Hockey News just wrote an article about this guy. I know it is only RUMINT (Rumor Intelligence), but I like this rumor. I know alot of people are going to bat for Michel Therrien and that, but I still think a change is in order. Therrien only needs to get to game 62 to be the longest tenured coach in Penguins history. I think it is due. I also read that it is already over and he possibly went to the Senators, but who officially knows? Mark Madden on The X briefly dropped a hint on his blog about this as well. I have no idea if this is just his thought, or he actually has credible sources. I read that Madden isn't the only people talking about this ordeal. I happen to agree with Michael Farber from Sports Illustrated.
Sources also say that Shero isn't interested in any "panic moves". I don't know exactly what that means, but if you remember last year, Shero really didn't act like we needed that big trade to get us anywhere. We were winning. We didn't need anything to mess with our chemistry. He then pulled off the Marrian Hossa trade. We lost Colby Armstrong, Erik Christiansen, Angelo Esposito, and a first round pick. I liked the idea, but in retrospect, I think it hurt the team more than it helped. I mean Hossa completely blew off the Penguins. He acted for a long while and let everyone know that he was going to sign, then told us we weren't good enough. I know we got a good player in Pascal Dupuis and we did make it to the finals, but we didn't win, which made it hurt alot worse.
Ok, back to the task at hand. Pat Quinn. He is a winner. We have the perfect team for him. We just need to go out and find his staff, because we all know ours isn't working. I think Quinn would be the right toss-up to get this team moving. He may be the spitten image of Therrien, but I thin Michel already lost the respect for the team. I think that this would be the right amount of change for this team at this time. You can't hand Quinn a better situation either. If he turns this team around, he is a genius. If he doesn't, it is like well, he tried. As for the Penguins, I think that the mental part of the change would be the best part. They trust and know his experience and I believe this would catapult them to where they need to be and beyond.
I think this is a great discussion and would love for it to go further.
Let's Go Pens!


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