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03 October 2008

Predicting Pens, Games 1-5

With the upcoming season starting tomorrow, I was thinking how I could honor them this season. So I decided to do a prediction, but then I thought that would really be cumbersome to do 82 predictions. I figured a five game span would be acceptable, so that is what I decided on. I am just shooting for the overall record for the span and a brief synopsis.

Game 1
This is game 1 for the season in a distant country. It looks like the Pens are favored. It will be a big rematch from last year's playoffs where we swept the Sens and quickly sent them home for the season. It is considered a road game, but both games are in Sweden.

Game 2
This is the second of the back to back games.

Game 3
It looks like the Devils are not supposed to be quite the competitor this season as in the past few. Their main bright spot is perennial all star Martin Brodeur. He still amazes me with his consistency from year to year.

Game 4
A bigger playoff matchup than the Ottawa series in Sweden and always a hard fought game. Both teams are going to be trying to make their season statement.

Game 5
This is always a good matchup. It is a classic heavyweight bout between Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. I am excited to see who comes out on top this year.

Prediction for the Week:
9 points


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