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19 October 2008

Predicting Pens, Games 6-10

Ok, that was a lousy first five games. We didn't look anything like we should have. However, in our defense, we lost our top two defenders and have to have a small adjustment period. Also, this is only the first five. Don't fret, we will do better. Oh, and thank God for Marc-Andre Fleury!

Game 6
The Maple Leafs are currently last in their division and not much more is expected from then, should be an easy win.

Game 7
The Bruins look to have a pretty good defense this year as well as picked up a couple players. They seem to always have our number so we will see how the Pens respond.

Game 8
We get to see the Staal brothers going at it again.

Game 9
This should be a good game due to the playoffs last year as well as the hot start by the Rangers.

Game 10
The Sharks have also started off pretty hot, it would be nice to cool them off in the West.

Prediction for the Week:
9 points

Record So Far:
5 points


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