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25 October 2008

The Pens of Now

I just wanted to talk about the Pens in the past couple games before they take on the first place Rangers tonight. I usually hate how Michel Therrian switched lines up, but I think for now, these combinations are working, and working well. I still think we have the two line threat, I still think we have the shutdown line, and I still think teams are afraid of our offensive firepower. Ever since that terrible third period against the Capitals and a series of tough practices that followed, we have been a different team. I believe our mainstay is Marc-Andre Fleury. He sprained his ankle just as he started a hot streak last year and upon return, he looked incredibly sharp and impressive. Everyone was still questioning his ability, then cam the playoffs where he was incredible. I will admit, I was curious to see if he could continue it this season and he has not only succeeded, but exceeded my expectations. As for Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, Anytime they are on the ice, any team we play is scared out of their shorts. Do you blame them? I mean they are, im my opinion, the two best forwards in the league and they are on the same line. The man that feels the luckiest is Pascal Dupuis. What a speedster, that is the main reason he is on there. This is a huge career step for him. I couldn't imagine playing in the NHL, but to be able to play in the NHL alongside two superstars would be a blessing for sure. I feel also that our defense needs alot of support. They are playing out of their minds considering we lost our top two in Sergei Gonchar and Ryan Whitney, and now, Hal Gill with an undisclosed injury. What a management we have that we can still compete without these guys. I think another key to our defense is our forwards. Therrian has instilled that defensive mindedness into our forwards and it is finally paying dividends. We are a pretty good team right now, imagine when we get our players back. I can't wait!
Let's Go Pens!

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