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03 October 2008

Jacksonville Jackasses

A big statement game this week. We are incredibly injured and are going into Jacksonville. The Jaguars were a Superbowl favorite at the beginning of the season right up until they started 0-2. Since then, they have won 2 straight, against a struggling Indianapolis and a dying Houston. Both were last minute victories, but victories nonetheless. Also, take into consideration they are still trying to be legitimate contenders. A victory against Pittsburgh would go a long way, but another loss could be detrimental. I think this game is key for both teams. I see a bad welcome for backup quarterback Byron Leftwich. I think the team might somewhat rally around this to win for him since they like him so much, or so I have heard. He seems to be a great lockerroom asset. I think that our defense is much better than any team they have faced. I believe the style of offense that Jacksonville likes to use is the strength of the Steeler defense. I see a solid victory on Sunday night, once again on the national stage. I am looking forward to seeing the Steelers solidify their legitimacy for Superbowl contenders. I am looking forward to our team at 4-1 going into the bye week to heal up and ramp up for the rough rest of the season. Let's Go Steelers!
Steelers 24 - Jaguars 12

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