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26 September 2008

Black Birds

So, I missed that Steeler debacle last week due to the fact that a buddy of mine took me to that wild Denver-New Orleans game. I did where my Steelers gear at the game, but it apparently did not help out at all. All that grief for the Big Ben jersey and they couldn't even pull out a win for me. As Bruce Arians said today, "It was my fault, let's move on." Now we are looking at a big matchup and a bigger chance to prove we deserve to be in the top 10 power polls on the national stage. I see a big game from all aspects Monday night. We never lose at home on Monday night. We have alot to prove and everyone will be watching. We need to show them that we are who we said we are. We are Superbowl contenders and should be on top of the AFC. Baltimore is riding the Flacco wave and his two great starts should be overshadowed by a huge fall this week. I am so excited about this game and looking forward to seeing some resiliency from our squad. It will show alot when we rebound. I am also interested to see how Mendenhall handles a start against a stout Ravens run defense. Grant it, you have to take into consideration who they played and that they have only played two games this season so far.
Still is impressive so far. I think the other good thing is that they really don't have that great of an offense. I think Flacco will com back down to earth this week and since that have no experienced running backs in their lineup, it should be pretty difficult for them to move the ball on us. Final Score:
Steelers 21 - Ravens 10

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