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26 August 2008

Fumbling Solution

Hopefully, this is the last two fumble game we will see. Apparently our team is coming together to keep the fumbling down to a minimum. I say it is a brilliant idea. Grant it, Mendenhall hasn't played enough to have a reputation for fumbling, but the team feels it is not a good idea for him to gain one while it is a fixable trait. The team has put together a game of sorts, making Mendenhall the center of attention. If he fumbles the ball that he is required to carry, he loses $100. If the football ends up in the running back room, he loses $500. The only exceptional places in this game is the practice field, because he may not always have a ball in hand for every game and the cafeteria. This includes after practice, in places like Wal*Mart, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, and anywhere else he is seen by his teammates. This should keep his mind on the ball even subliminally. I love it. It seams that the team concept is becoming overwhelming now.

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