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16 May 2008

Pens lose to the lowly Flyers

Let me start by saying that I still believe that the Pens will beat the Flyers.
Now, with that said, I'd like to chastise everyone, including all the Pittsburgh sports media, for counting their chickens before they have hatched.

Let's face it, other than a few questionable efforts this spring, the Pens have had it quite easy. While they have been playing very well, they've gotten several lucky bounces to end up in the back of the net. The puck that bounced off someone and landed behind Lundqvist to get the comeback started against NY, the one in overtime against NY that skipped off a few players only to wind up on Hossa's stick, Crosby's opening goal in game 2; the list goes on. Granted, you need good bounces to win in the playoffs, but they've managed to get away with a few lackluster efforts and chalk up some wins.

Call me a cynic. But if they think they can beat Philly and march into Detroit playing lazily and getting lucky, they've got another thing coming. Not to state that old "give 110%" cliche, but if they go play like we all know they can, they can beat Philly AND Detroit.

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